Hi, I’m Sabine Minsky,

An intuitive and an empath, I lived most of my life in hiding of my gifts.

I believed my sensitivity to people’s emotions and to my surroundings were just the result of my being an overactive Pisces, and that it needed to be bottled up! I dismissed my childhood experiences of the energetic and intuitive world as simple coincidences or even fantasies I had made up.

I channeled my wish to help others into studies that led me all the way to becoming a lawyer. Yet, as I was finishing my articling position, I felt out of place and anxious about entering into a career that did not make my inner self vibe.

My first major shake up, or awakening if you will, came through my practice of shaolin kung fu during that time. I was discovering how powerful the mind is when it is aligned with the heart, how much my body was capable of, and the energetic channels that nourish and flow through it. Few people around me understood, but I realized I wanted to serve people through the healing arts, and took the scary decision of going back to school for a bachelor in osteopathy.

Finally, I was finding outlets for my non-physical perceptions! However, my school was too conservative to my taste, so I undertook classes on the side (Reiki, Biokinergy, Soul Realignment…) and met fellow healers, and this truly allowed me to nurture my Soul, fully accept my decision to incarnate, and develop my intuitive and healing gifts.

Through this growth process, I started learning to trust myself and to love myself in all that I live, in all that I create and experience. I also realized I am here to assist women on their path to self discovery, but that I cannot walk that path for them.

The choice of inner exploration and of changing your reality to resonate deeper to your dreams, to your divinity, is truly in your hands. I am here, as an assistant, to help you connect with your divinity, with your feminine essence, and create the life you desire.