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My soul sings

Sabine Minsky reads our soul and we embark on an enchanting voyage. She is an intelligent, intuitive and insightful soul reader. She gently focuses on what is most precious to us as human beings; she accesses our soul, our essence, the intangible … that which lives on after our body dies. Sabine reveals my mysterious gift of communication and my love of beauty – words and images. And finally through all this, I feel enlightened. My soul sings. Thank you, Sabine.


Presence and soul depth

Simply with her presence and soul depth, Sabine emanates authenticity. The message she conveyed to me helped to clarify some questions and opened the path in the pursuit of my development. I am more than satisfied with my experience with the soul reading and I highly recommend this therapist.


Access a truer comprehension

The soul reading has been an amazing tool in the advancement of my spiritual development. Not only did it allow me to put words to sensations I was living, but through it I was able to understand the reasons why I was constantly re-doing the same mistakes over and over in my relations to others. In addition, at the very moment of the meeting, I was able to access a truer comprehension of the significant events of my life. Would I have managed without this tool? Perhaps yes, but never so quickly and clearly. I compare my experience to the crossing of a long dark corridor in which suddenly Sabine appears, holding a lantern. The crossing remains mine, but my step is certainly steadier!


Revelatory, liberating and healing

As the old saying goes “You have to know where you come from to know where you are going”…I’d add that it is especially revelatory, liberating and healing. Sabine accompanies you and guides you delicately and with empathy so that you can accept all the stages and she helps you understand by asking the right questions. Unmissable if you desire to better understand yourself and better navigate your life.


Absolutely spot on

My dear Sabine, I’ve just now listened for the 2nd time to your audio session. I wish to thank you for the time and insights that you generously shared. It’s a bit scary when I think about the challenges that I have to overcome. I always imagined the younger me being confident & unafraid of challenges, but now I think I’ve always been fearful, and may have appeared “aloof”. I clearly see every bit of information that you picked up on my soul reading and I think that you are unbelievable! Absolutely spot on, it’s amazing. I’m so looking forward to working with you. Again, Thank you, you are truly gifted.